Centretrac Stocks


In today’s world of competition shooting, the target is getting smaller, the recoil is heavier, and the technology is changing the way we approach the firing line.

Centretrac target rifle stocks are designed and manufactured to keep you on target, track accurately and made to feel like an extension ofA your arm. Our target rifle stocks are manufactured with aluminum bedding blocks and stainless-steel pillars. Our bedding blocks are installed using steel templates to keep the barreled action parallel to the stock, with a sufficient gap around the barrel, action and trigger so that the harmonics are not impeded.

Centretrac is an Australian family owned and operated company, located in Cairns, Queensland. All our stocks are manufactured under the direct supervision of Mark Azzopardi. Mark began shooting on his father’s farm and started target rifle shooting in the early 90’s.

Mark has won an F-open National Championship and Queens prizes in F-Tr and Target Rifle. Mark is currently one of the Australian F-Open coaches, driving the national team forward to compete in the World Championship in South Africa, 2023. As such, he understands the complexity of the varying disciplines and what it takes to win, and it all starts with a good foundation – the stock.




Currently there are currently two profiles in the range. 




Model 01

Model 02.






With over 14 Coloured Ply options and over 40 paint options, Centretrac have you covered.




With such accessories too bling up your new stock, with adjustable cheek piece, adjustable butt plate and Fore End Vents.  

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