Notice To Cease Operating   Recently updated !

The weekend has seen a lot of change within the firearms industry within Queensland.  Saturday Afternoon all Queensland Licensed Dealers and Armourers where issued with a notification to cease operating under the Qld Health Act 2005 Non Essential Businesses.  At this stage no indication has been given to when this notice will be revoked, to allow continued trading.  There has been further correspondence today (30th March) from Qld Weapons Branch to clarify that this closure also includes any online businesses. 

Personally we are at a loss why Licensed Dealers and Armours have been singled out by the Queensland Government.  We have written to our local State member to seek answers on a range of questions but will be surprised if we get a truly honest answer. 

So what does that mean for you, the shooter. Well to quote the Qld Chief Health Officer – “must not operate the business until the end of the declared public health emergency and / or the order is revoked. This includes online trade and for all other items you may sell that fall outside of items regulated by the Weapons Act.”

So there you have it. You can go to Bunnings, and get a hair cut, but you cannot order a barrel online.  

Stay safe.